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At the center of the new Ateneo seal is the escutcheon of the family of St. Ignatius de Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus. The shield is divided vertically into two. The right panel shows two wolves rampant on either side of a hanging cauldron. The design symbolizes the hospitality and generosity of the Loyola family. The left panel shows seven red bars on a field of gold, honoring the seven heroes of the family who distinguished themselves in the Battle of Beotibar in 1321. It symbolizes nobility and heroism. This shield is part of the seal of most Jesuit schools in the world with which the Ateneo shares a four hundred year old tradition of Jesuit liberal education.

Immediately above the Loyola escutcheon is a blue crown, the crown of Mary, Mother of God. Mary, under the title of our Lady of Peñafrancia, is Ina of the Ateneo.

Arranged in a semi-circle under the Loyola shield are six blue stars representing the six provinces of the Bicol Region.

Over Mary’s crown shines the Sun, symbol of Christ Our Lord. On its face is the seal of the Society of Jesus in calligraphic form; the first three letter in Greek (IHS) of the Holy Name of Jesus with the cross on top and the nails of his passion underneath. The sun’s rays shine over Mary’s crown, the Loyola shield, the six stars, and beyond. This symbolizes that for Mary, for the Ateneo, for Bicol, and for the world, Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Thus, our seal stands for Ateneo’s personal commitment to Christ through the patronage of Mary, by following her example. It is a commitment characterized by Ignatian generosity, nobility, and heroism, and expressed in being a man-or-woman-for others.